Honestly perfect in every way.

Kathie G.

I'll continue to go to Dr. Supple for all my dentistry needs! Always so knowledgeble and caring! His staff are wonderful and care for each patient individually.

Sarah S.

Jody, Mary, and Dr. Suple have provided excellent care.

Veronica H.

Awareness of & Implications to Bodily Health can be seen in a person's face (the eyes twinkling & a generous smile!) For 'sensitive persons' (& especially for children) it is imperative that thought be given to what materials are being used in the mouth (considering the proximity to brain, ears & eyes ...) As 'An Elder in the present society, my mouth contains many old amalgam fillings & I am just realizing how this 'contributes' to other systemic health problems ... Dr Gladys McGarey (in her book The Healer Within) devotes a chapter to this condition! While an auto accident in 2015 caused an old molar to crack (I saw Dr Wolfe then for 'amalgam mercury removal' replacement with a new composite), I now realize that my aging fillings are leaking toxins directly into my system... My brain fog, ear & sinus swelling, general lymph drainage all appear to be improving since I've had several additional 'initial mercury removals' done with Dr Jeffrey Supple & his caring staff in Albuquerque! A few more yet to go & I expect to be in even better shape, Thanks! Dee from TorC

Denise B.

My visit went very well, I appreciate everyone. They are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I like that the atmosphere is very calming.

Marth B.

Dr. Supple made an appliance for me to wear that opens my airway at night which helps my breathing and eliminate snoring. It's the most comfortable appliance I've ever worn, and I have noticed a positive difference in sleep quality. No more gasping awake or excessive seating, and my partner says he doesn't notice my snoring anymore.

Lindsay M.

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Rachel D.