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Dr. Jeffrey Supple is SMART-certified through the IAOMT for eliminating mercury vapor exposure for both the patient and operators during mercury removal. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) states that no amount of mercury should be considered safe.

Our mercury-free and mercury-safe dental practice follows the SMART protocol (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) which includes:

  1. Charcoal rinses before and after the removal.
  2. Intra-oral photos taken to verify all mercury is removed.
  3. Oxygen for the patient during the removal so that their air source is from other than the room, to prevent inhaling mercury vapors.
  4. Use of HEPA industrial mercury vacuums.
  5. Testing for compatibility of dental materials (we want to be sure whatever we are placing in your mouth, you are compatible with and that can differ from patient to patient. This can be done through Blood/serum compatibility testing with Elisa Act labs or with Kinesiology [muscle testing]).
  6. Intra-venous Vitamin C. It acts as a ligand which means it will bind to the free-floating mercury as its released and help flush it out of your system before it can bind to the tissues and cells of the body.
  7. Use of the cleanup suction which is a Teflon box attached to the high-speed evacuation system that fits over the tooth and draws the mercury vapors away from the patient and the staff.
  8. Cleansing baths will be discussed that can help you eliminate the heavy metals through the skin.

We also recommend once the mercury fillings are removed, the patient see a physician for a diagnosis of mercury levels and possible chelation to help the body release years of mercury buildup from dental fillings as well as from the environment.

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