Services → Mercury Amalgam Removal

Our office has been “mercury free” since 1991 meaning we do not use amalgam restorations on patients. According to The Science of Dental Materials: “An analysis of clinical restorations indicated a wide variation in mercury content, ranging from approximately 45-70%.”

Dr. Jeffrey Supple uses The Safe Mercury Amalgam Technique (SMART) to reduce mercury vapor exposure to both patient and operators during the amalgam removal.

  • The patient is covered with a disposable drape or oversized bib, eye protection and frequently-changed drapes.
  • An RN administers an IV of vitamin C which acts as a ligand, meaning it will bind to the free floating mercury as it is released and help flush it out of your system
  • A high speed external industrial mercury vapor filtering system is utilized as close to the working area as possible, along with supplemental oxygen to avoid inhaling the mercury vapors.
  • Copious amounts of cool water are used with the spray focused on the junction of the hand piece bur and tooth while the filling is being removed.
  • The high volume evacuation is fitted with a Teflon Clean Up device to isolate the tooth and to remove the high volume of water, along with the amalgam particles and mercury vapor.
  • Dental personnel are protected by using an industrial mercury vapor mask, face shield, surgical drapes, and head protection.
  • The mercury fillings are removed into as large "chunks" as possible to reduce the amount of mercury vapor created.
  • Once the removal process is complete, the patient’s mouth is thoroughly flushed with water and then the patient rinses with a charcoal slurry, chlorella or similar absorbent.
  • After mercury removal, dental personnel must remove gloves, wash hands thoroughly, and re-glove.
  • Our offices use a centralized mercury/amalgam separator which collects 99% of mercury, before it goes to waste water.
  • The most bio-compatible and technically appropriate materials are chosen for the replacement restorations.