“… a fantastic experience …”

I had a fantastic experience at Dr. Supple's dental office. I went to have my amalgam fillings replaced and he did an outstanding job. Not only was it completely painless (I had a filling replaced in the past by a different dentist and the pain was excruciating) but it was also very quick and super affordable for paying out of pocket. The staff has always been friendly and accommodating for each of my visits and even though I have a fear of dentists and dental work, these dental experiences with this office have left me feeling cared for. After visiting many different dental offices, I have finally found the one I will be using for as long as I'm in Albuquerque.

Catherine S. from Yelp Reviews

“He is caring, and his staff are wonderful too.”

When I found out Dr Jeffrey Supple was back with his new practice. I was elated! I am glad I'm home with my dentist. He is caring and his staff are wonderful too. If you are looking for a dentist that cares and is skilled, look no further, you've found him here.

Susan P. from Google Reviews

“… a relaxing, professional, and respectful environment?”

Dr Supple and the staff are amazing!!! My family and I have been patients for many years. The Dr and staff always remember who we are and take a genuine in interest in our dental care. The offices skills and attitude create a relaxing, professional and respectful environment! My dental work has always been above and beyond anything I’ve wanted and expected!! Thank you all for all your hard work and dedication!

Katherine P. from Google Reviews

“… easy to talk to, energetic, informative, and supportive.”

Went in for my first visit and got a teeth cleaning and x-rays with Jody! She was an excellent hygienist. Very easy to talk to, energetic, informative, and supportive. I’m fact, the entire staff kept the experience that way at every moment of interaction.

The office is clean, cozy, and inviting. Dr. Supple himself was a delight. I’ll absolutely be recommending his team to my friends, etc!

Miguel L. from Google Reviews

“… an excellent dentist. … His staff are top-notch!!!!”

Dr Jeffrey Supple is an excellent dentist. He's very professional and extremely knowledgeable in his field. His office and his staff are top notch!!!! Dr Jeffrey Supple gets to the root of your mouth problems (no pun intended) and makes everything perfect!! Besides correcting the issues in your mouth and teeth, the results are always a beautiful mouth. I am so happy to have found him.

Sarah T. from Google Reviews

“Best dentist I’ve ever been to. … I trust him …”

Best dentist I've ever been to. Dr. Supple corrected my sleep apnea when everyone else was scratching their heads or wanting to do invasive surgery. He also was conservative around other dental procedures when others were eager to do work. I trust him and recommend him highly.

Kelly W. from Google Reviews

“Dr. Supple and his staff have been so welcoming …”

My regular dentist was unable to help me with my TMD/TMJ. My chiropractor recommended Dr. Supple and, thank goodness, my husband and I believe I am on the right track now. Dr. Supple and his staff have been so welcoming from the moment I spoke with them on the phone and when I stepped into the office.

Mary P. from Google Reviews

“Dr. Supple and everyone in the office made me feel welcome and cared for.”

I went to Dr. Supple's office for the first time this week and had a great experience. The front desk staff were super helpful providing all the information I needed to get my records transferred from my previous dentist and made scheduling very easy. The dental assistants were professional and friendly and the cleaning went well. They gave me an affordable rate for my cleaning and cavity filling even without dental insurance. Dr. Supple and everyone in the office made me feel welcome and cared for. Can't recommend them enough!

Thomas P. from Google Reviews

“Best dentist in town!! … first dentist to pick up on my sleep apnea …”

Best dentist in town!! Has helped all three generations of my family with their dental needs. Treats all his patients individually, customizing their dental plan. Also was the first doctor that picked up on my sleep apnea problem. Would recommend him and his team to all my friends. Thanks for all your care

Katherine S. from Google Reviews

“Such a caring dentist.”

Dr. Supple has been taking care of my cosmetic dentistry for several years and he will continue to take care of my smile. I highly recommend! Such a caring dentist.

Sarah S. from Google Reviews

“The absolute best Dentist …”

The absolute best Dentist in New Mexico!!

Jessica S. from Google Reviews

“Jody, the dental hygienist, is awesome. Dr. Supple is gentle & kind!!”

Jody the dental hygenist is awesome. Helps me be proactive with taking care of my teeth. Dr Supple is gentle & kind!!

Paula G. from Google Reviews

“… such wonderful experiences with this office.”

I have had such wonderful experiences with this office. My daughters and I both appreciate and feel like we get quality care from everyone who works there. Cleanings are the best we have ever had.

Jenn, Maya and Marissa C.; Dr. Supple patients

“… very pleased with his knowledge and capabilities.”

I have been a patient of Dr Supple's since the 1990's and am very pleased with his knowledge and capabilities. His staff is friendly and efficient.

J. McCoy, a Dr. Supple patient

“… terrific dentist …. I can’t say enough great things about him and his staff!!!”

We’ve been going to Dr Jeffrey Supple now for a long while and he is a terrific dentist. I’m originally from NYC and have had dentists there all my life and Dr Jeffrey Supple is the best I’ve ever been to. My mom goes to him and my sister. He’s the best and we love him. I can’t say enough great things about him and his staff. !!! This is the place to be for all your dentistry including cleanings with Jody

Jaye T., a Dr. Supple patient

“I go to Dr. Supple because I want dentistry that is more in tune with my body and less about dangerous chemicals.”

I go to Dr. Supple because I want dentistry that is more in tune with my body and less about dangerous chemicals. I had all my amalgams removed by Dr. Wolfe, who was replaced by Dr. Supple who seems very competent. The office seems to have much of the modern technology you would want. Jody is a caring hygienist. I would highly recommend and will continue to use this practice.

B. Williams, a Dr. Supple patient

“… knowledgeable and explained what I needed and why.”

I was frustrated when I broke a huge bridge. I don't like going to Dentist, but I needed to have it replaced so I could eat. Dr Supple was very knowledgeable, and explained what I need and why. He even said he would make it stronger for me due to my hard bite. He and the staff made me feel comfortable from beginning to end. The outcome is perfect. And my cleaning was great also. The Hygienist is knowledgeable, thorough and very gentle!

E. Meyer, a Dr. Supple patient

“… first-class …”

Dr. Supple runs a first-class operation.

G. Brown, a Dr. Supple patient

“… I have recommended [Dr. Supple] to others, and will continue …”

I've been a patient of Dr. Supple's for twenty years. And, I have recommended him to others, and will continue to do so.

B. Scott, a Dr. Supple patient

“I chose [this] holistic practice to match my lifestyle.”

The treatment I received (two long overdue fillings) was professional and educational. I knew I had made the right decision to use Dr. Supple. I chose a holistic practice to match my lifestyle.

T. Wexler, a Dr. Supple patient

“… so friendly, knowledgeable!”

Dr. Supple and his staff are so friendly, knowledgeable!

G. Dean, a Dr. Supple patient

“Excellent service …”

Excellent service and nice people!

P. Miller, a Dr. Supple patient

“… perfect …”

Honestly perfect in every way.

Kathie G., a Dr. Supple patient

“A very efficient team!”

Thank you for the in-depth evaluation. Jody performed a precise, sensitive, cleaning together with instruction to improve maintenance. Dr. Supple examined X-rays which revealed four cavities, of all things. He implemented action immediately to avoid complications. Jennifer initiated the exact fees for repair. A very efficient team!

M. Sons, a Dr. Supple patient

“Always so knowledgeable. His staff are wonderful …”

I'll continue to go to Dr. Supple for all my dentistry needs! Always so knowledgeble and caring! His staff are wonderful and care for each patient individually.

Sarah S., a Dr. Supple patient

“… provided excellent care.”

Jody, Mary, and Dr. Suple have provided excellent care.

Veronica H., a Dr. Supple patient

“… easy to work with. … atmosphere is very calming.”

My visit went very well, I appreciate everyone. They are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I like that the atmosphere is very calming.

Marth B., a Dr. Supple patient

“… [overall health] improving since I’ve had several … mercury [amalgam] removals done with Dr. Jeffrey Supple & his caring staff …”

Awareness of & Implications to Bodily Health can be seen in a person's face (the eyes twinkling & a generous smile!) For 'sensitive persons' (& especially for children) it is imperative that thought be given to what materials are being used in the mouth (considering the proximity to brain, ears & eyes ...) As 'An Elder in the present society, my mouth contains many old amalgam fillings & I am just realizing how this 'contributes' to other systemic health problems ... Dr Gladys McGarey (in her book The Healer Within) devotes a chapter to this condition! While an auto accident in 2015 caused an old molar to crack (I saw Dr Wolfe then for 'amalgam mercury removal' replacement with a new composite), I now realize that my aging fillings are leaking toxins directly into my system... My brain fog, ear & sinus swelling, general lymph drainage all appear to be improving since I've had several additional 'initial mercury removals' done with Dr Jeffrey Supple & his caring staff in Albuquerque! A few more yet to go & I expect to be in even better shape, Thanks! Dee from TorC

Denise B., a Dr. Supple patient

“… noticed a positive difference in sleep quality. No more gasping awake …”

Dr. Supple made an appliance for me to wear that opens my airway at night which helps my breathing and eliminate snoring. It's the most comfortable appliance I've ever worn, and I have noticed a positive difference in sleep quality. No more gasping awake or excessive seating, and my partner says he doesn't notice my snoring anymore.

Lindsay M., a Dr. Supple patient

“Very knowledgeable …”

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Rachel D., a Dr. Supple patient